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Crafting Cherished Moments, One Welcome at a Time

Step into a world where warmth meets celebration, where every welcome is a symphony of joy. At The Bag Lady of Vermont, we don't just create welcome bags; we weave tales of love, laughter, and the magic that makes your special day uniquely yours.

Here, your celebration is our canvas, and each bag is a masterpiece of thoughtfulness. From the rustic charm of Vermont to the intimate moments shared between brides and their loved ones, we curate welcome experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

  • Bag Bliss Customized: Your celebration is unique, and so are our gift bags. Choose from our assortment of sizes and color combinations, ensuring that your welcome bags are a personalized reflection of your event.

  • Vermont Collection Extravaganza:

    Immerse your guests in Vermont's charm with our collections featuring popular local selections. Each bag is meticulously packed, adorned with tissue and ribbon, ready to deliver that touch of Vermont magic.

  • Vermont Favorites Inspired:

    Sometimes, simplicity is the sweetest. Our Vermont Favorites collection brings a touch of sweetness to your Vermont celebration. Guests will be welcomed with personalized bags, setting the tone for a memorable event.

  • Personalized Vermont Delights:

    Craft a personalized menu for your Vermont guests. Collaborate with us to curate each bag, including the finest local edibles and memorabilia. Express your personal touch, and we'll ensure every bag is a delightful expression of your wedding's unique charm.

Explore our collection of sample bags, where ribbon ties and tissue paper whispers of the care infused into every detail.

Let's transform your event into an unforgettable journey. Welcome to a world where your joy is our creation – The Bag Lady of Vermont awaits to craft the perfect welcome for your cherished moments.

What's included in The Bag Lady of Vermont's wedding welcome bags?

Each bag is personalized to the couple and their big day! Bags feature a a choice of variety of sizes and color combinations depending on your wedding theme. Our collections include popular Vermont goodies, filled with treats, area map, and welcome note all finished with tissue and ribbon.

How can I customize the welcome bags for my wedding guests?

Personalization is our forte! Work with us to create a personalized wedding welcome bag , incorporating the local goodies and flavors . Express your unique touch, and we'll ensure every bag is tailored to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

What delivery options are available for the welcome bags?

We offer convenient delivery to the Greater Burlington and Stowe area. Additional delivery options can be arranged to accommodate specific needs, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your guests.

Can I choose specific colors or themes for the welcome bags?

Absolutely! Our assortment of gift bag styles, ribbons and tags provides you with a range of options for colors and themes. Whether you prefer rustic Vermont charm in a reusable tote or a colored recycled gift bag that aligns with your event, we've got you covered.

What factors contribute to the pricing of The Bag Lady of Vermont's services?

Our pricing considers the size of the welcome bags, the customization level, and the selected collections. Additionally, delivery options and any special requests may affect the overall cost. Rest assured, we strive to provide transparent and competitive pricing for an exceptional service that adds magic to your celebration.

Do Guests Really Care About Receiving a Gift Bag?

Ever experienced the joy of finding a thoughtful surprise awaiting you? Imagine that feeling multiplied as your guests arrive to their hotel or Air BnB greeted by personalized wedding welcome bags from The Bag Lady of Vermont.

Here's why it matters.

Appreciation in Every Bag:

Your guests are investing time to share in your special day. Handing them a custom-curated bag shows sincere appreciation for their support. It's a heartfelt gesture that says, "Thank you for being here, your presence means the world."

Lasting Impressions, Lasting Memories:

Long after the event echoes in their minds, your guests will fondly recall the delightful time they had with you. Our bags, filled with Vermont treats, postcards, and local memorabilia, ensure the memories linger, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond the day.

Sentimental Touch to Your Occasion:

Every detail, every effort you put into your event, matters. When guests feel individually included through personalized bags, it adds sentimental value to the entire occasion. The Bag Lady of Vermont specializes in infusing that memorable and sweet touch into every event.

Making Every Guest Feel Extra Special:

Your celebration is about sharing milestones with those you love. By custom-curating bags from The Bag Lady of Vermont, you're not just handing out favors; you're expressing how uniquely special each guest is. It's the extra touch that leaves them feeling truly cherished.

In the end, showing appreciation, love, and gratefulness to your guests makes a world of difference. The Bag Lady of Vermont ensures that every bag handed to your guests is not just a gesture; it's the cherry on top, adding that special touch that brings smiles from ear to ear. Because, let's be honest, who doesn't love a bag full of surprises?

2024 Wedding Trends

To Use In Your Wedding Welcome Bag

Candid Cameras

Today's wedding photographers are leaning into docu-style portraiture, capturing candid moments alongside posed pictures. These realistic shots capture the energy of the moment just as much as the moment itself. To-be-weds are asking their guests to moonlight as paparazzi too, arming them with disposable and Polaroid cameras so that your loved ones will snap throughout the day. The result is a wide variety of imagery allowing you to relive your wedding day through multiple lenses.

Monograms & Crests

Celebrating their new union, couples are getting creative with their own married monograms and custom heraldry. We're seeing monograms and crests on everything from stationery and signage to wedding welcome boxes and cocktail napkins weaving extra personalization into the couple's day. If you're thinking of designing a new monogram or family crest for the big day, draw inspiration from what you hold dear - a beloved pet, a favorite flower, or a treasured place.

Wedding Newspapers

Looking for a unique and stylish way to share your wedding details with your guests? Custom wedding newspapers have been gaining serious momentum at weddings in the last year. Use as a save the date, as part of an invitation suite, popped into wedding welcome bags, as an update on the traditional ceremony program booklet, or, as a thank you card after the big day.

Get creative with your wedding day info, throw in a few games, and tell your love story in the most unique way possible, because a wedding newspaper makes for a truly memorable wedding keepsake.

(photo via Ivory Pepper Studios)


Why is having a professional with access to wholesale pricing important for wedding welcome bags?

Access to wholesale pricing is a game-changer. As professionals, we have established relationships with suppliers, allowing us to secure quality materials and products at more favorable rates. This not only helps in providing cost-effective solutions but also ensures that you receive high-quality, well-crafted welcome bags for your event. Our commitment to excellence extends to both craftsmanship and affordability, making your celebration memorable without breaking the bank.

Can I get a detailed quote before committing to The Bag Lady of Vermont's services?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of transparency. Simply provide us with details about your event, such as the number of guests, preferred customization, and any specific requests. We'll promptly provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your requirements.

What is the average price per bag for The Bag Lady of Vermont's standard welcome bag, and how does it impact budgeting?

The average price per bag for a standard welcome bag is $10, plus a delivery fee. When budgeting for our full-service packages, we recommend allocating between $500 and $800. This range takes into account the customization options, delivery preferences, and ensures that you receive a delightful and personalized experience that aligns with your financial plan.

Are there additional costs for delivery, or is it included in the initial quote?

Delivery options are flexible to meet your needs. While basic delivery to downtown hotels and inns is included in the initial quote, additional delivery options may incur extra costs. We'll discuss and finalize these details during the quoting process.

Is there a minimum order requirement for The Bag Lady of Vermont's services?

We cater to events of all sizes. While there's no strict minimum order requirement, the pricing may vary based on the quantity and complexity of the order. We're here to accommodate your needs, whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration.

How can I secure the pricing and move forward with The Bag Lady of Vermont's services?

Once you're satisfied with the quote and ready to proceed, we'll guide you through the booking process. A deposit will be required to secure our services for your event date, and we'll continue to collaborate closely to ensure every detail meets your expectations. Your journey with The Bag Lady of Vermont begins with a seamless and delightful experience from quote to celebration!

Let's embark on the journey of creating personalized welcome bags that captivate your guests. Share your event details now, and let The Bag Lady of Vermont weave the magic into your celebration!

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